Research Point

Brian Eno (1979)

Oblique Strategies

This is an interesting set of cards.  I haven't heard of this specific creator before, but I have seen 'prompt' cards to help students who are struggling to think outside of the box or to question their own work.

These could be really good fun to try with some of my work.  I like the idea of putting them all face down and randomly selecting one to challenge yourself.

Stefan Sagmeister (2008)

Things I have seen in my life so far

Another interesting research point.  The TED talk explains what his book is about and how he has turned the 'thing he has learnt' in to installation art, which in turn is featured in many publications and newspapers.  It is the kind of art that will make you stop and stare and is fun to walk past, but I don't think I am a natural installation artist.  Maybe in the future it is something I might consider, to raise awareness for mental health, but for now I will focus on smaller artworks.

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