Skills Audit

What software do you currently use?

I use Adobe Photoshop to edit product photos and to create and add font (my own) to my packaging designs.  I use Adobe Illustrator to live trace my hand drawn illustrations but only if I am going to digitally colour them.

How would you measure your proficiency?

I'd say I am somewhere between 'advanced beginner' and 'competent' as I learnt the basics on my Foundation Degree and have taught myself a few things since.  I know enough for the tasks I currently need to carry out.

What short-term improvements would you like to see in your software use?

I would like to be able to digitally draw.  It's not a priority for me as I do prefer traditional ways of drawing, but it is something I'd like to be able to do eventually.

What other skills do you use?

Drawing, book making, painting, sculpting and photography.

How would you like to develop these?

I want to develop my sculpting to become more organically textured.  I'd like to learn more control and skill with watercolours.  I have a photo-booth set up (just a small one) but I don't use my DSLR camera for this, I lean toward my iPhone, so I'd like to develop my photography skills and set up a better photo backdrop with better lights for a more natural look.  Lastly I want to develop some more defined narratives linking my artwork together.

What skills might you need to achieve this?

With my sculptural work, it's already slightly organic, but it tends to have a 'cutesy' style.  I want to build on the natural forms aspect and make my work more realistically nature inspired; whilst still linking it to a narrative.  I intend to do plenty of story writing to try and deepen the narrative behind my work and I will take my DSLR camera out and about to test out the different settings on it and see what effects I can come up with - help with this would be good.  I will follow some online water-colouring tutorials too.

What skills do you need to develop?

I need to work on collecting more first hand sources and growing my designs from these.  I also want to develop a 'wellness' activity book which is something I have started but have never finished it or collated the ideas together.  I need to suss out how to use Adobe InDesign to lay this book out and be able to send it to a professional printers once it is complete.

My Creative Process is......

Pretty much always starts with sketches and doodles in one of many small sketch books I have in my bags or at home.  I have so many ideas that I have to sketch them all down at quite a fast pace otherwise my brain feels too busy and overloaded.
From there they are re-produced as illustrations/paintings or in 3D form.  If I am aiming for a 3D outcome, I will also visually think about how I will approach the process - turn arounds, materials etc.

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