Assignment 2...

To start assignment 2 I am asked to re-visit an old project and Edit it.

I have chosen to use my 'artefact' project from my degree work.  This was originally done in a group, but I will do this one alone instead.  We used museum inspiration to create a photocopied zine that represented a museum of artefacts.

Some of my designs were:

These designs were made in to a double page spread:

I also made the end papers for the zine in a contrasting red to stand out against the black and white theme:

To develop this idea a bit further, I intend to use first hand sources I have collected of things that could end up in a museum.  I will make studies of them to work on my drawing skills and then I will alter them to make them look more like specimens/artefacts.
Essentially I will make my own museum in a zine based on the specimens that I have 'collected' (only in my imagination).

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