Creatively exploring your process

I chose this lovely old Russian postcard as my starting point for this activity.

I had a play around with adding 'Time, Movement and Sound'.  I tried to show the movement of the water in the pond as the bear tries to catch a fish and the buzzing of the mosquito.  I also changed the sun to a moon to alter the time of day that this would be taking place; using pastels to shine some moonlight on to the water.  This was my favourite outcome of this part of the activity...

If I am honest though, I did not enjoy this activity as I like to be more original with my work rather than choosing someone else's work as a starting point.  That is why I altered the other inhabitants of the pond to make them feel a little more mine.

The other outcome I quite liked was this one.

I decided to try a 'Role Reversal' effect.  So in this scenario, we are in the bears natural habitat (the previous pond is where you would find the fish) and the bear is now the victim of attack.  I had to give the fish some 'walking' fins otherwise it would not work in a forest.  I chose to have the rising sun to show a different time of day to the previous illustration.

I didn't really enjoy this task and I would say it's some of my weaker work as I don't enjoy using someone else's work to begin with and I find that when I am not enjoying a task it never ends up being my best work.

I liked the aspect of this activity that challenged me to approach the illustration in a different way.  I didn't like all of the suggestions as I found them a little unimaginative, but the ones I selected and then choosing my own, helped me to re-create the image in a creative way and a way that I might not have looked at without prompts.
I think in future I would make my own and maybe have a set of prompt cards with words or concepts on them that I could randomly select from.  I do like the idea of a challenge to mix it up and push me out of my comfort zone.  I just wasn't overly keen on the prompts provided.

I would use things like these:

Change the time of day
Altered reality
Surreal it
Reverse the roles
Add musical movements
Assembled parts

To summarise what I have learnt about myself so far; I think that I am quite creative and already a little 'out of the box' but that I do enjoy an extra challenge and something that pushes me further.  So the prompts idea is something I will try and adopt.  I do visual research naturally as I am inspired by things around me, external influences and other artwork that I see (Instagram is my favourite at the moment as it is a really visual place to browse and gather idea sources) and I integrate this within my sketchbook processes and on in to my final outcomes.  However I am predominately inspired by nature and organic textures and therefore prefer to work from original starting points or from verbal ideas/prompts rather than from existing artwork.

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