What's Next?

After taking the time to reflect on both my previous degree work and my personal practice, I have explored my current ways of working and the skills I want to develop and improve.  I would like to have some clear goals for this course that will enhance my personal work and take me to the next level of my career.  I also want to loosen up again.  I am always thinking about the end product when I work now due to the nature of my art and I get nostalgic when I teach my students (I teach years 7 through to A-level) at how free they are.  I even encourage them to loosen up and experiment more, and provide them with workshops and activities to achieve this.  Yet it is something I rarely do in my own practice.  I need to gain some of this back.

2D illustration wise I would like to work on the concept of a 'Well-being' book.  An activity book.  I have started this over the past few years and have a mixed bag of designs/ideas/activities to work with.  It is far from finished and it needs to be collated in to a thoughtful order.  This is something I really want to focus on completing.  This would be my 'big' outcome as it will take some time to put it all together.

This will also encourage me to learn a new software as I want to understand how to use Adobe InDesign to lay the book out ready to get it professionally printed.  I currently make my small books and zines by hand, but for this bigger book I would like to have it printed.

Where my 3D work is concerned I want to focus on collecting and exploring natural forms (working on Photography skills and observational drawings) and create more realistic textures and designs with my ceramic and sculptural work.  I still want to link a narrative to this, so I will develop my story writing and poetry skills along the way.

I also want to explore the idea of making my branding more generic.  I take so much time over each different product/line I create and each ends up with it's own, very tailored branding and packaging, but this means a LOT of time and money goes in to each one and I have a tendency for getting bored quite quickly of a design and moving on.  I have a long line of designs that I have discontinued and therefore all the branding is now obsolete.  Therefore I want to take this time to create a generic brand/packaging design that can be used across all of my products no matter what they might be.  It would only be for the packaging labels and stickers but would link to business cards etc to tie it all in nicely together.  I want a clear, identifiable identity.

Finally, I would like to create a Professional Portfolio using InDesign to lay out photos and scans of my artwork and then add descriptions/dates/material information on the opposite page.  This could then be printed in a 'coffee table book' style and is something I could display at shows and as my portfolio at the end of this course.

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