Visual Research - Part One - Exercise 5

Narrowing down you research topic

1. I am mostly interested in ancient/traditional symbols and how these were used to ward of evil or to support the civilisations in their daily struggles.
I want to link this to modern society and how we pretty much all have daily strife's (no matter how big or small they are) and design totems/talismans to act as traditional symbols would have done and to encourage the owner to feel better.
I am particularly interested in Native American and Pagan/Wiccan art and culture and want these to play a strong part in what I do.
I want my style to be defined and a big part of this and I have the 'Talking Trees' idea stuck in my head.  I think a booklet or book that tells the story of these 'relics' and explains how they can help, will be a really nice addition to the project.

2. How do symbols support mental health?
How do humans rely on symbols to get them through the day?
Do symbols make a difference to a humans emotions?
What is the relationship between human emotions and traditional totems?

Symbolic Meanings: Exploring the relationship between human emotions and traditional totems.

3. Full resources list:

Native American Museum in Bath
Pagan/Wiccan shops/galleries/museums in Glastonbury
Butser Farm
Museum of Witchraft (online only due to distance)
Books I have already collected
Local libraries
Dorchester Egyptian Museum
West Dean Gardens

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