Visual Research - Part One - Exercise 2

2.1 Getting Organised

I will be compiling my work in a sketchbook as this is my favourite way of working on a project.  If I have books and research journals that I work from I shall add them in to a box with my sketchbook so that I can keep it all together.

2.2 Identify a time schedule

I have not been given a time line for this project.  I don't know when the hand in date is.  I will work on this project over the next few months and I have the summer holidays coming up so will have lots more time to dedicate to this then too.  I am quite a quick worker so would like to have completed this project by October 2018, but I am waiting on a moving date for the house I have just bought and this will mean a brief stop in work while I move.  Other than that I should be able to dedicate a lot of time to this over the summer months.

2.3 Identify your learning style

Q) How do you kick start the process of writing?
A) I suppose my first step would be mind-mapping and generally noting all the random thoughts in my brain.  I have so many ideas I have to jot them all down, so I always have a sketchbook or note book to hand.
Researching too, for inspiration, so heading out and about to take photos or to a library to have a read through some books.  I like tactile research, so internet searches are my last stop rather than my first.

Q) Do you have any strategies for writers block?
A) I take a walk. I often get a block if I am focused on something too much and I overload my brain, so I stop.  I put it all down and step away from it and go for a walk.  Fresh air helps me clear my mind.  Usually if I am on a beach or in a forest walking, I have hundreds of ideas, so that really helps.
If I am really stuck and overloaded I have a proper break.  I did this over Christmas and actually stopped creating for a month.  I put my online shop in to vacation mode and stopped checking emails etc.  It did me the world of good and I came back to it with so many fresh ideas.

Q) When you're writing an essay, what is your method and/or when do you start first?
A) I like to create a structure.  A bit like a P.E.E paragraph.  So I'd have an introduction, the P.E.E work and then a conclusion.  This would alter depending on what I am writing about.
I mind map ideas and make links so that I can make connections in my head and build sentences from this.  I can then link in my research in the correct places.

2.4 Start getting visual ideas down

A selection of images I have been gathering.  The Green Man is one I have drawn using inks and watercolours.  The rest are collected from internet sources and books.

The Native American influence is one that I am really interested in and has always been an interest of mine.  I used to collect Zuni totems and make my own out of clay as a child.  My mother knew a crystal shop that sold them and I used to spend hours there fascinated by their tiny details and simple charm.  I also, vividly remember, doing a Native American art project in year 7 and I fell in love with it all.  So here's a more focused look at some of the symbolism from that area.

Another area that has always been of interest to me is Runes and Rune Magick.  I often add healing runes to my art dolls and I henna them on to myself in a form of body art.  My Dad bought me a set of runes as a child and I still have them to this day.  So here are a few designs on mine from the past year that have featured Runes.

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