Visual Research - Part One - Exercise 3

3.1 Online Search

3.2 Local library search

Havant Library
Waterlooville Library
Fareham Library

3.3 Physical Search

Haslemere Natural History Museum
West Dean Garden Museum
Dorchester Egyptian Museum
Local Art Galleries/Exhibitions

3.4 Skim-read initial key texts/resources

Which of the resources so far are worth keeping?

All first hand sources will be valuable.  I have always had a real pull to Native American and Pagan art/symbols so this will all be really good.

Resource gaps? 

I found some great books at work that I have borrowed to photocopy from.  The museums/galleries I will visit once the research project is actually approved as I am only 4 weeks away from the summer holidays, so if I do go forward with this topic as my project I will then collect and collate all first hand sources.

What's missing from the research so far?  

I think the 'effect' that these symbols have on modern day humans would be an important part of this project and therefore it may benefit from a questionnaire or inquiry.  I could create this and take it with me to the museums etc so that I can get the responses from the people who actually work daily with these artifacts as well as giving them out to those around me for an 'every day person's' viewpoint.

What do I need to add?

A questionnaire to establish why/how totems/symbols etc effect how a human feels.

3.5 Research key gatekeepers, organisations and creative practitioners

The curator of the Egyptian Museum could be a great source of information.

There is a Native American museum in Bath:

American Museum in Britain

Claverton Manor
01225 460503
l adore Bath so will be happy to head there for a day to visit the museum.  This could be a really beneficial source of information for me.
I have found a Museum of Witchcraft and Magic but it is in Cornwall, so I would have to see if this is a feesible visit to arrange as I am about to move house so money is a factor.  However I am sure I could email or ring them for some information.
The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is located by The Harbour in Boscastle, Cornwall. Boscastle is on the North Coast of Cornwall between Tintagel and Bude.
The UK Pagan Council might be able to help me.  
I do know in Weymouth where I am from there is a Pagan/Wiccan group who would be more than happy to answer my questions.
And locally to where I currently live is Butser Farm where they often have Pagan events.

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